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Need to manage your workplace more efficiently? Start using Workplace!

Need to manage your workplace more efficiently? Start using Workplace!

Workplaces in general are boring, serious and dull. I am sure every employee agrees to this. At times, the employees become so bored that their minds stop functioning, which drastically effects the efficiency! Facebook being an interactive platform that has knowledge about this problem, tried coming up with a solution, Workplace!

Workplace is a work collaboration tool that aims to change the typical working landscape. Market places are changing and people are using digital platforms as a solution for every other problem. There is a need to keep everything such as various documents uploaded on the internet. This fulfils two functions; one being the security of the documents, second being a proof that the document exists.

Facebook is known for being a distraction in workplaces, management strictly discourages its employees to use Facebook. If you have worked in a typical workplace, you will know how using Facebook in a work place is discouraged.

The major social media giant, Facebook got the idea of “Workplace” from the problem of it being banned from work places. This is how they came up with the whole idea behind “workplace”. A platform for being used at the very place Facebook is discouraged.

Recent trends

There has been a drastic shift in how the workplaces are being operated. Which has complicated the working of companies.

  • These days the business are expanding and the work places are getting smarter.
  •  Businesses are going global and their operations are scattered all around the world. It gets difficult for the companies to keep track of their employees.
  • Work is shared across people and different departments. At times it gets difficult and may affect the workplace discipline to coordinate and interact with employees in order to update them about the operations.

Keeping in view the problems that are mentioned above and how the digital technology is being used in workplaces, Facebook has come up with a software that is Workplace chat. This software is basically designed to keep the business working streamlined with different departments and different employees.

Workplace chat is a software that lets the employee interact ad connect with other heads and employees for the purpose of work without compromising the discipline of the workplace.

This software lets the employees connect and communicate through mobiles and desktop computers using features such as chats, video calls, groups and they can eve share documents an upload announcements that are reachable by people in the same workplace!

Workplace is a Facebook for use at work! Clever, no? A private Facebook for a specific company. In order to be a part of this new platform, one has to be an employee of that specific company. The whole concept is very much similar to the original Facebook. The members of Workplace can join groups, organise events. The best and the most used feature of this software is without a doubt the team messaging feature.

How does this work?

Workplace by Facebook has actually revolutionised the workplace dynamics. Around 14000 companies are using this software and are satisfied with it. Workplace has integrated the element of fun in the normal workings in an office.

If you are an employee and are working me a company that used Workplace, then I order to use this you will have to join in. This can be done by creating a profile, connecting with all people that you have to coordinate in your line of work. Employees can join groups, they can check for updates from their superiors, they can wait ad check for us orders. The employees can also comment on different posts and enouncements in order to respond to them.

If you take a look at it from the company’s perspective, it is important for them to know that it is a platform where the employees of their company can communicate with each other, the higher ups can communicate their message to everyone even if they are on the go. The upper management, that is in charge can plan and make events. They can record conferences and presentations so that the employees can look them up in case of future reference.

Companies using the Workplace platform can customise the use of this software according to their need. The people or the employees of the company, which is using Workplace chat can make groups based on various segmentation and depending upon the current need. The software lets the management mark a group as a favourite so it remain on the top every time. There are a certain applications that Workplace allows its user to integrate with.

Features of Workplace

Workplace provides various useful features that are there to help and create ease for the companies in their daily workings and communications. These features are as follow:

  • The workplace platform lets the employees make groups. These groups can be made according to the working and need of the company. These groups are easy to create. One simply has to go on create a group and add the members they wish to be part of the group.
  • The workplace has an interactive newsfeed just like Facebook, this newsfeed keeps the employee up to date about the working of the business, new tasks and announcements that are circulated around the company employees
  • Workplace lets the user’s Video chat with one another, do a live video chat through their mobiles and even upload it.
  • This platform has a special feature of Workplace chat. This is the most useful feature of this platform that lets all the members to communicate with each other through texts, video conferencing, voice calls with up to 50 colleagues at a time! This is the most widely used feature of this application.
  • One of the most useful feature that helps big companies that are scattered all around the globe is Auto translation. This lets the user translate just in one click.
  • Workplace lets people communicate and collaborate with one another on a totally separate data base. The users can find colleagues, build connections and collaborate more efficiently.
  • The ewes feature of Workplace by Facebook is the Multi company group chats ad video calls. These are groups that can be joined by people through invitation only. The members can be of different companies.
  • Workplace is free of advertisements. Large banners and advertisements are a cause of distraction and that is what workplace is trying to remove.
  • The data that is added by people in Workplace is strictly owned by the client and the company has no right or claim over it. This makes it more reliable for the companies that are concerned about their data being misused and further sold.
  • This platform lets the employees brainstorm on certain topics or assignments that are handed to them by the upper management.
Employees brainstorm
Employees brainstorm

Pros and cons

For you to have a better insight about Workplace ad help you evaluate it according to your need. I have listed a few pros and cons below


  • There is no need to train the employees or users as it is very easy to use. This saves the cost of that may be used to train the employees.
  • The feature od newsfeed ensures transparency, this increased the trust among employees
  • This is a very interactive platform and ensures that every video post is catchy.
  • It enables team work and team spirit among the employees.
  • Through the use of Workplace, the tasks can be managed more easily.
  • The workplace is a safe platform for working and managing various business workings as it has various security certificates that include:
    • ISO 27018 that is for Information Security Management.
    • ISO 27001 for the purpose of Information Security Management.
    • SOC 2 for Trust Services Principles.
    • SOC 3 for Service Organization Controls.
    • EU/US for Privacy Shield Data Privacy Practices.


  • The major drawback about Workplace is it being a product of Facebook and is marketed that way too. Facebook has a strong attachment to social media, serious companies may not take Workplace as a platform that be best suited for their company due to its affiliation with Facebook.
  • The contact information is not a requirement, so it gets difficult at times to find people. Providing contact information should be made a requirement.
  • Workplace lacks integration options and variations.
  • One of the problem with Workplace is the notifications. “Ping ping ping ping!” The users are aware of the fact that they will receive a hell lot of notifications that become a great source of distraction


Workplace has a very easy pricing system. They have two basic plans that are created keeping in mind the need and use that different people have for workplace. This platform has two basic pricing plans includes:

  • Standard
  • Premium


The standard plan is free of cost. It has the features such as instant messaging, video chats and group collaboration.


The premium version is $3 per active user per month. This version has all the available features for the user and the company. This includes all the features that are in standard package, allows integration with your existing tools and lets the admin control tools and support.

Workplace chat

This is a feature of Workplace, this lets the users chat and communicate with their co-workers. This is also an app that can be downloaded on your mobile or desktop computers. This chat app lets you receive announcements and notifications directly through the application. It supports voice and video calling for the ease of the users. One of the features of this chat is that it allows screen sharing between users of this app. 

This application can be easily downloaded from the App store or Google play store. This application is more than a regular messaging application. People can communicate with each other through GIFs, initiate polls, and send stickers. Employees keep connected to each other all the time. Workplace chat enables file ad documentation sharing and never runs out of space.

Employees and the companies that use Workplace are satisfied with this platform as it is simple and convenient. It encapsulates all the features that are needed for a business communication platform. There are numerous positive reviews about Workplace as it is an interactive platform and breaks the usual boring working of a typical workplace.

Workplace app & desktop version
Workplace app & desktop version

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