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MyBalanceNow – Check Your Target Gift Card Balance Now


On special occasions and birthday parties, many people use gift cards to give their friends to make the day special for them, which they select as deemed appropriate according to the person they are giving it to.

Target is a retail chain, which is highly renowned for its amazing collection of gift items. You can use the Target Gift Card more than one time since it is not compulsory to spend the entire balance at once. You can also check the balance of your Target gift card to know the exact remaining amount in your card for your next shopping spree.

In order to check the balance in your Target Gift card visit the website of MyBalanceNow at which is designed to keep you updated on the amount and balance remaining in your Target Gift Card.


In the United States, MyBalanceNow Target is a chain of the retail store, which is providing its users with a different wide selection of products at an economical price. Their collection comprises of women’s clothing, sportswear collection, which is according to your requirements you can get anything from there. In the men’s clothing section, you can get shirts, jeans, suits, pants, socks, jackets, ties, cuff-links and shorts. They also have a collection of baby items as well.

Features and Benefits of Target Gift Cards

Some of the benefits of using Target Gift Card are listed, Have a look on them before having this card you should know what you could get from this card.

  • You can use this card to buy groceries and more in store and online as well which is a secure and easy process.
  • Can use this card anywhere, where the Visa Debit Cards or Debit MasterCard’s are accepted. In the United States and the District of Columbia, both of these cards are accepted.
  • No need to provide any of your personal details for this card as it is not a credit card and this information is not required for this card. You don’t need any credit score for this card.
  • There are no extra fees on purchases you make so that it will help you to pay for what counts.
  • There is no expiry date for the balance you are having even if your card expires.The Target Gift Card is valid until your balance is zero or till the date which is located on the front of the card.
  • In case your card is lost, expire or stolen then you can request for a replacement card without any additional fee. The card, which you will get in replacement, will contain the same funds, which you were having before.

Rates and Fees

The rate and fees of MyBalanceNow Target card are listed below go through these points for complete information.

  • Only you need to pay the purchases fee except that there is no additional fee associated with the card like maintenance fees or usage fee. The list of the purchase and value fee is below, have a look at it.
  • For $25 Target Gift Card the Purchase Fee is $4.
  • For $50 Target Gift Card the Purchase Fee is $5.
  • For $100 and $200 Target Gift Card, the Purchase Fee is $6.


There is no separate online account to access your Target Gift Card online. All you need is some information by using which you can easily access your Target Gift Card account online.

  • The Target Gift Card Number of 16 digits.
  • The Card Expiration date with the format of (MM/YY).
  • CVV number which is located on the back side of your card near the signature panel which is a 3 digit number.

The Process to Check Target Gift Card balance at

To know how you can check your balance at mybalancenow websites follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official site of MyBalanceNow by using the link given above.
  • Now here you have to enter the details of your Target Gift Card that include your card number, card’s expiration date and the 3 digit CVV number which you can get from the back side of your card.
  • Next click on the Go button.
  • In this way, you can check your balance on your Target Gift Card with the complete details.

Register to Check the balance in the mybalancenow

If you are a new user and want MyBalanceNow to check, your complete detail and balance of Target Gift Card then follow then click below.

MyBalanceNow Login

If you already have an account at MyBalanceNow website then you can check your Target Gift Card balance online by following then click below.

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance on Phone?

For your information, if you don’t have online access and want to check your balance then you can do it so by using your phone.

Below is given the toll-free number dial this number and check your Target Gift Card balance.


Working of MyBalanceNow

Now let us know the working of MyBalanceNow so that it will be easy for us to carry Target Gift Card.

  • You can use MyBalanceNow Target gift card at only target store as it is a debit card.
  • There are a different amount of Target Gift cards you can select the one you want. The amounts include $25, $50 $100, $200, and $400.
  • You can present these Target gift cards to your friends on their birthday, party or any special occasion.
  • You can use the card amount in full as well as in parts at Target store. If you have purchased an item, which is bigger than the amount you are having in the card, then you can pay for it separately by using different payment option.
  • You cannot use the Target Gift cards at ATMs.

How to Check Target gift Card Balance without Visiting the Site?

If you don’t want to check your Target Gift Card balance online then there is an alternative method by which you can check your balance of MyBalanceNow Target gift card by just calling on the number given below by using your phone: 1-800-698-4952

In case your card is lost or stolen then you can also report on this number.

Useful Information About Target Gift Card

There are many features that Target Gift Card is offering to their cardholders but in addition to this, there are some limitations as well. You should know all the information related to this card as a cardholder.

  • You cannot reload your Target Gift Card and the balance present in your current card cannot be transferred to another card.
  • These cards cannot be used at ATMs so you are unable to access cash with your Target Gift Card.
  • You cannot use this card at casinos and merchants, which only use manual card imprints for billing option and for subscription on a monthly basis.
  • This card can only be used in the United States and District of Columbia you cannot use this card internationally.
  • If the amount you are spending is greater than the remaining balance on your Target Gift card then the restaurants and the Gas pumps may hold your card for up to 7 days until you transaction is not finalized.

About Target

In the United States, the Target Corporation is the eight largest chain of the Departmental retail store which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is operating all over the nation around 1822 stores. The first name was Goodfellow Dry Goods and George Dayton found it. The products sailed by target include furniture, beauty, electronics, health products, footwear, apparels, jewelry, garden and pet supplies, accessories, pharmacy, etc. The company is also serving many departmental chains that include Dayton’s, Mervyn’s, Hudson’s and Marshal Field’s.

About Target

Contact Details

If you have any query, your card is lost or stolen, or you find any unauthorized transaction on your card then you can use the customer service.

To reach the Customer Service using phone number dial the number 1-800-698- 4952.

If you want to send your query using mail address then post it on the address given below:

Customer Care
PO Box 826
Fortson GA 31808

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Credit Card Terms Everyone Should Know

Credit Card Terms

You should know the basics before applying for the credit card, as it is important. Some of the most common terms are explained below along with their definitions that everyone needs to know.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The cost of borrowing money on your credit card annually is the APR. There is a variety of APR’s of the credit card that includes APR on cash advances, purchases, penalties/default, and balance transfers. The APR on purchases is the rate of interest being charged after ending the grace period.

Credit Score

The credit score indicates how much responsibility you are to repay the amount that you loaned. Your every single activity will affect your credit score, that includes that number of cards you own, your entire payment history and the factors that are linked with your debt history.

Credit Score

If you own a credit card then it is your responsibility to use it carefully as your credit score also affects other areas of your life like getting a mortgage or car loan.

Annual Fee

The annual fee of the credit card is the yearly charge that every customer has to pay to use the card and to take advantage of its benefits.

The annual fee range of the credit card is approximately from $25-$500 every year that depends on the card. Mostly the consumers are in search of the credit card with the benefits they want but with zero annual fees.

Credit Limit

The credit card limit is the amount which you can spend using your credit card without experiencing any penalty. Likely, your credit limit on a credit card will below if you are having a short credit history and few credit accounts. However, your credit limit will be quite high if your credit history is longer and don’t have any negative information in it.

As time passes, the credit card companies raise your credit limit automatically, if you will make on-time payments and responsibly use your credit. If you will exceed the limit on your credit card then you may be charged with the over-limit fee.

Late Payment Fee

If by the due date you will not pay at least the minimum payment on your credit card then you will be charged with a late payment fee. The fee amount will be in between $25 and $37, which depend on your balance.

It is the big percentage of your balance for the small balances. If you are making recursive late
payments or if your single payments are late for more than 60 days then the APR will flip over
the penalty rate which ranges from 27%-30%.

Security Code (CVV)

On your credit or debit card, the security code or CVV (Card Verification Value) is used for making online transactions or card-not-present transactions. The purpose of this code is the security of your card, to ensure that you are the credit card owner.

It will also save you from the credit card skimmers that are used at the gasoline pumps. As the CVV card is not mentioned on the magnetic stripe of the card, so any skimmer cannot pick it up. In most of the cards, it is mentioned on the right side of the magnetic strip. On the American Express cards, it is mentioned of the front side of the card.

Due Date

The credit card due date is the date when your minimum payment is due on the credit card
company. The time for the due date is usually 5 p.m. but there are some credit card companies that are having the due date deadline that is a little late in the evening.

If you will not make your payment on time then you have to pay the late fee along with increased APR and you may be reported to the credit bureaus.

Minimum Payment

The minimum payment of your credit card is the lowest amount, which you can pay each month while standing good with your card company. Mostly it ranges from 1%-3% of your good standing credit card balance.

You may be assessed a payment if you have a relatively low balance on your credit card that is a percentage of your outstanding balance or $25 (whatever is high).

To pay the minimum amount on your credit cards is heavy on your credit score.

One of the highest budget debts is the credit card debt, if each month you will pay the minimum payment then to pay off your bill it will take a long time.

Grace Period

The time period in which after making a purchase the interest is not charged is the grace period on the credit card purchases.

If you will not carry a balance on your credit card then there may be a grace period only on
purchases depending on the credit card. By the Act of Credit CARD, 2009 the grace period must be at least 21 days.

Revolving Balance

A revolving balance on your credit card is the credit limit amount that you have used and not returned.

It is that part of your credit limit for which you pay interest (ARP) per day because in the previous month-end you did not repay the amount. You will not have a revolving balance if you will pay your credit card balance in full every month.